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So here’s some history... Loafers come from Scandinavian origin and have been around for years, nearly 100 years to be precise and were in fact once called Weejuns. Yes we prefer Loafer too. Popularity soon grew and they were being shipped to Europe and America in no time. The reason for this year on year popularity is simple, they are an easy versatile shoe that slips on without the hassle of laces. 

Traditionally Loafers were the classic when it came to casual but now coming in a variety of styles, colours and materials the loafer can be easily incorporated into formal looks too.

So, a little more info on our favourite styles, colours and materials…

The Penny

Lets start with the Penny Loafer which some could say is the original, this is traditional in style and was hugely popular amongst American college students in the 50’s, now its super simplistic and very versatile and perhaps the most popular style choice when choosing your first pair of loafers. 

The Tassel

The next style and perhaps our favourite, the Tassel Loafer, this style is fun without being cheap and has an Italian feel to it which can only be a good thing given that the worlds best shoe designers originate from Italy. The tassel loafer can be paired with most looks but we advise choosing a suede material for a first time buyer as this is easily adaptable to all wardrobe choices.

The Snaffle Horse Bit

Next in line is the Horse Bit or Snaffle Loafer.. this can often be referred to as the ‘Gucci Loafer’ as the fashion house created the iconic shoe back in the 60’s. The design of this shoe has what appears to be a horse bit across the front for visual impact and it defiantly has that. We like our Horse Bit Loafers in classic colours like brown, black and navy but if you're the adventurous sort then red can be really visually pleasing. 

The Driving Shoes

Last but by no means leasts we have gone for the Moccasins, probably the most popular style currently. This style of shoe often gets referred to as the Driving Shoes, Driving Loafers or Driving Moccasins and usually features a lace knot at the front and slim ergonomic rubber soles making them the ideal shoe design for driving, hence the nickname. They are not only practical but are also iconic with rich history. 

Now those are just naming a few styles but perhaps the ones mentioned being the most popular. However all sharing the common concept being that the shoe is designed to easily Slip On. By having these different variations of the one shoe gives more options to the wearer.

How To Wear Loafers

Want a shoe that you can wear with a suit? Go for a Black or Tan Leather Penny Loafer. Or perhaps your wanting something more ostentatious for your holidays? Go for Royal Blue or Orange! You get the gist. 

The point is the loafer has become so popular but by no means common that the different styles can be paired with just about any look. Take the colours for example.. On what other shoe could lime green look cool? But paired with some chinos and a loose shirt on holiday it’s the perfect combination. 

So now we’ve given some education on the loafer heres our guide on whats hot and what not when it comes to pairing your loafers with your outfits. Whatever your style is though one things for sure this shoe is here to stay!


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