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The mule originated in Rome and used to be used as a slipper. We think they are far too cool to not be shown out of the bedroom so we are pleased that slice of history is over. The Mule has since changed its purpose and is now regularly seen everywhere from the streets of Milan to the beaches in Britain. Its cool, easy to wear and ideal for that stretch between different weather seasons so makes it a popular shoe choice worldwide and let’s face it these have to be the coolest shoe of the season and the seasons before.

They have been spotted on A list celebrities and growing in demand proving to be a great all round shoe. Worn by both men and women alike the mule shoe has gained credibility and in recent years and has seen the likes of Gigi Hadid, Rod Stewart and even Beyoncé wearing them.

To classify as a mule the shoe has to have an open back where the foot just slips in usually with a covered toe however in recent years many fashion houses have also accepted the open toe as a mule. 

Mules can vary in heel height too from sky scrapping heels to a more comfy flat sole, as loafer lovers we prefer the Flat Mule. Gucci created  the ‘Princeton’ flat with fur insole mule which gained criticism and credit alike. We personally loved them but we can appreciate that a fur insole isn’t for everyone. Which is why we have a wide selection of mules in varying materials, styles and colours so hopefully we have the perfect mules for whatever your need. 

What We Wear Our Mules With...

Because of its classic nature it’s very hard to get this shoe wrong. We team any flat mules with just about any jeans or 3/4 lengths and throw on a t-shirt and your outfit has gone from average to a list pretty quick. For a classic effortless style your can't go wrong with Black, Tan or if your looking to make a statement opt for chic White or bold Red.

If all of the above isn’t enough of a reason to love them we cant argue with comfort and the mule gets 10/10 for that. Designed so you can easily slip them on and off they also make them practical. Who has time for laces everyday anyway? 


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